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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Free me Lord
Part the clouds, oh wondrous Lord
and let me see thy Face
Touch my soul and heal this child
please let me know thy grace

Upon the Rock I stand
lift up mine eyes to thee
let me sing eternal praise
and worship at thy feet

Guide my heart to You oh Lord
and bring me to my knees
shatter all my childish fears
and fill me with Your peace

My heart does cry to You my God
please fill me with Your life
grow me in Your presence
and help me in my strife

© 19-9-2006 Rulan Capper-Starr
- Rulan's Heart For God
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Friday, September 15, 2006
Beyond the waves
I would love to cross the waters,
Oh Lord, is there a way?
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Saturday, September 09, 2006
Imprint from past
I love the bagpipes. An Uncle of mine used to play in a band and, on Christmas Eve, they used to march in and out of all the shops and us little kids would joyfully scramble along behind. It was a thrilling experience.

Unfortunately, those times past.

Anyway, a few years later and many miles away, I was standing outside at dusk, in our backyard in the bush surrounded suburban gully where we lived.

The sun had just dipped below the hills leaving a yellow wash against the darkening blue.

All went silent, and then from somewhere, way up the valley, a lone piper played "Amazing Grace."

I will never forget that night. I don't remember how young I was, and I was far from being a Christian, but it was like God imprinted that evening into my spirit.
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Monday, September 04, 2006
I'm back, I think
Hi everyone, how are you all? I see that I have been missed and that touches me deeply. Sorry I have neglected you. For a start, I was busy working on an outline for a novel, then I had a sore back for a week, but that’s better now. Praise the Lord.

I am now just over halfway finished editing David’s book. I hadn’t realized just how much fun editing is. Muahahaha Perhaps, with training, it could become a home based job? That would be cool.

Anyway, I shall try to be more social.
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