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Friday, August 26, 2005
Salt on the breeze

Thunder in the air, salt on the breeze, this is what the sea is to me.

Waves that rumble, depths that glisten, green waters churned to foam, wild white horses riding on high, thick black clouds scurrying by.

Windswept dunes shifting all night, raucous seabirds squabble and fight. Flames that flicker in the blustery air, sand coated sandwiches, sausage and sauce.

Snuggled up warm with back to a dune, I stare sleepy eyed at the pale distant moon. Nighttime enfolds me, the day has past by, no more seagulls hauntingly cry.

Slumber comes softly and time slips away.

In dawns early light, a new day begins. Waves of lace gurgle and brew. Sunbeams dance on water and sand as shadows retreat from the Fathers great hand.

I could walk for hours on a beach of white sand, no one around, but Jesus and me.

That’s where He meets me. My Lord’s always there, out where the salt spray hangs in the air. When I am lonely, I just close my eyes then my Lord Jesus comes to reside. Peace fills my heart and all becomes new. I pray you know Jesus, just as I do.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
It's pouring with rain

Just so you know, I have changed the colors in this cloud photo.
The true colors were blue, gray and white.
Unless I
state other wise, all my photos are true to life.

As I write this, it’s 6:45 Wednesday morning and still dark outside.

Rain is drumming the roof and splashing the ground. A song thrush or blackbird sits in the deluge filling the predawn with glorious song.

Cars swish by on overflowed streets and orange lights shimmer on puddle-soaked paths.

I could dance in the rain and sing to my King. These days enliven the child from within. There will be no brilliant sunrise this morn. The clouds are heavy and dark, but oh, what a wonderful day.

Trees and flowers soak up heavens sweet nectar, while birds bathe in its cleansing wash.

Isn’t life grand?

This world was created by the Master’s hand. Such love He bestows upon us all. Look what He made for us to enjoy. Earth, wind and sky, space, land and sea, nature speaks of the Father to me.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Spring is near

Hi, I'm still here.
Winter has been touring the land of the long white cloud. Down south, there's been snow and people have skied on fields of white. Some places have had rain and flooding.

I have shivered in my office up here in the north despite our countries mildness. We don’t have it as cold as some countries do. Spring is now in the air, birds are singing and flowers beginning to bloom. The sun still rises late and retires early, but summer is on it’s way.

Some of my favorite times have been the warm sunny days that belie the fact that winter was here and those days of wind and rain.

This year, we’ve had few thunderstorms. I hope we get some more. I love those days when the clouds roll across the skies, chasing shadows over the plains. The distant rumble, like heavy traffic as the sun flees the storm, the stillness of air, the silence of birds and the brightening of colors. On those kinds of days, I have seen rainbows of magenta and green.

The gray of clouds becomes an electric wall of deep violet and blue in the last rays of an overpowered sun. A rumble grows in the bowel of the storm. All grows dark and the first drops fall. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms overhead and all the world trembles as shockwaves roll across the sky.

I love those days. They remind me of the Creator God. With all His power, all His Majesty, He could crush us all. Yet He loves us and desires only good for our lives.

Thunderstorms are powerful, tornados are ferocious, yet a thousand of these storms rolled into one, can never compare to the power and the Glory of God all Mighty. His love is greater than all.
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
Here I am.

Why have I started a blog?
Mmmm? I really don’t know. I’ll blame it on a friend. It’s all his fault. I read his blog on a regular basis and he makes it look so easy and such a lot of fun.
I am an artist and a writer. I may post some of my work up here, if I am lead to. Perhaps you might see some of my photography as well.

Anyway, here I am, the kiwi kid from the Land of The Long White Cloud. You know, that’s the small country just across the ditch from The Land Down Under.
It’s a beautiful country with lush green grass and sandy beaches. We have no snakes and no dangerous, marauding carnivores, except for the neighbor’s vindictive cat.
My Lord chose this land as my place of birth and I praise Him. We drive on the left-hand side of the road so look out if you come to our fair land. Our cars have bonnets, not hoods and boots, not trunks.

I am a weetbix kid. Yeah, yeah, I know. Laugh if you want. I can handle it. And no, I’m not made of the stuff, I just love to eat it. Which reminds me, it’s well after mid-day and I haven’t had lunch yet.

I shall leave you now and perhaps by tomorrow, I may have thought of something interesting to say.
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