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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
My old friend Dusty
I managed to load the photo I mentioned the other day. This is Dusty, she was Quarterhorse crossed with an Arabian.

Couldn't ask for a kinder natured animal. Mind you though, she bucked me off once. She sure chose a good time to do it too. Right in the middle of a western riding show ring.

The man who was buying her watched as my faithful horse flung me in the dust. I must've looked a right sight to.

I was 4 months pregnant at the time. Just as well I landed on my rump.

Guess Dusty didn't like the feel of the curb bit in her mouth.
mmm? I wonder if she knew she was being sold?

Nah, she couldn't have... could she?
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Hi friends
Hi friends, sorry I’ve not been around so much lately. I’ve had family staying and we’ve been busy catching up. I’m sure you know what it’s like.

I wanted to post a photo of one of the horses I used to own, but after an hour of failed attempts at uploading, I finally gave in. Guess I'll have to post a picture for you next time.

It is so good to see our friend from The Curmudgeon's Rant back again. Welcome back curm, we sure missed you.

Now, if you like horses and the country lifestyle, as I do, please go and look at Cowboy Sunsets blog. It's so cool to see how many Christians are out there blogging.

God bless you all.
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Saturday, March 18, 2006
God loves us.

God loves us. We are His children and as we travel down the road of life, He is with us. When we stumble, He picks us up, dusts us off and tells us all will be well.

He loves us.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Heads or Tails?

Which way is up and which way is down?

Am I looking at you funny or is your head upon the ground?

Are your legs too short or your head too heavy?

Is the world all topsy-turvy, or am I upside-down?
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Hi everyone

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Don’t get too close to me, I’ve got a bug or virus and I keep sneezing. Six or seven sneezes in a row gets beyond a joke.

I had hoped to finish a drawing I’m working on for someone today, but then I get to sneezing and sneezing. I can’t look at the drawing when I sneeze or it would make a mess. I can’t draw while I’m looking away, or that would be even worse and I can’t keep the pencil on the paper when I sneeze either or...

Well, I’m sure you get the picture. Lol

Anyway, I looked at this photo of Huka falls in New Zealand. It's basicly the run-off from a hydro dam. Well, I got to wondering how much power is in a sneeze. Could a sneeze be harnessed and used to produce elecitricity?

If so, how many sneezes would be needed to run a light? Imagine trying to harness enough sneezes to power a whole city or even an electric train? And what would they have to do to keep people sneezing? eek.

Another thing I thought of as I looked at this photo, was the awesome power of God's love. There is nothing to compare with the love of our Lord. Water can seep through a tiny gap, it can mold and shape the earth, but it can't mold and soften a heart of stone. Only the love of God can do that.

Excuse me, I got to go and sne... sne... sneeze.
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Friday, March 03, 2006
Change of thought

I was weary this morning and began to feel down-in-the-dumps.

Bills piling up with no money to pay, lawns to mow, but they’re too wet and I didn’t feel like doing them anyway. I just felt like I wanted to be pampered for a change and it got me down.

The enemy knew how to get me. He knew I was tired and he knew what buttons to push. There are few people I talk to and the one I wanted to talk with today was unavailable. I felt isolated and very much alone.

Then I remembered a dream I had a few days ago. I had told my friend about it and they had given me some great advice.

“Positive thoughts need to fill the times that old thoughts used to rule. It's like exercise... like pumping iron. It's about choosing the right thing, thinking the right way and seeing others and circumstances through the eyes of Christ.”

My friend had said more, but that was what stood out to me today. So, I did as my friend had suggested. I decided not to dwell on the things that got me down. I resisted those down-in-the-dump feelings and set my mind on good things. I refused to let my old thinking patterns take hold.

Wow, it really worked. In very little time, I felt so much better, so much more positive than I had earlier. Praise God. I have a smile on my face.
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