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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Playing with my photos
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Friday, October 27, 2006
Morning song
The sun isn't up yet and the gray half-light covers the land. Hardly a car to be heard. Heavy clouds speak of rain.

The birds here this morning are singing with a newness of joy like they do following a long awaited shower.

I can hear finches, larks, blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, song thrush and many more.

What birds do you hear in the mornings? Are you surrounded by trees full of morning and evening song? Do you listen to their different voices and marvel at the sound?

Oh Lord, the birds sing their praises to You each morning. How wise we would be, if we did the same.
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Friday, October 20, 2006
Neighbor's dog
I set my friend an email this morning and told him this little story about last night. Seeing as I’ve been a bit scarce lately, I thought I’d shared it with my blogging friends as well.

The neighbor's dog woke me up the other morning around 1:30 with its continual yapping and it kept me awake for two hours or so. It yaps all day as well.

The neighbors either don't know what to do to stop it or they just don't care.

Anyway, as my daughter was getting ready for bed last night, that dog was yap, yap, yapping. It's some kind of terrier. (The little terror)

Well, I'd about had enough and wanted a good night's sleep so, I opened the kitchen window and yelled "Q-U-I-E-T..!" Emphasis on the “T”.

Instant silence!

I quickly and quietly shut the window and went down to my daughter’s room to get her into bed. She had a big, knowing grin on her face so we both had a little chuckle.

Anyway, for a good 15 minutes that dog was too stunned to bark. He must've wondered what on earth had happened. My daughter was still grinning after we said our prayers and then kissed good night.

I went out of her room and started getting ready for bed. The dog gave a few questioning yaps testing to see if I really meant what I had said.

If I had of ignored it, the dog would have seen it as license to continue. Well, I knew my girl hadn't had time to fall asleep, so I opened the window and yelled...


Instant silence!

I reckon all the neighbors got a good night's sleep last night, just like we did and just like that dog did too.

Fair enough if a dog barks for a reason, but not just for boredom. And, it doesn't pay to talk back to this kiwi who likes to go to bed early and rise at 4:00am.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Hot water beach
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Well done David
Our very own David of Curmudgeon's Rant has had one of his contributions as "Wilbur" used by best selling author, Brandilyn Collins at Scenes & Beans: Celery and the Wasp

Well done David. I really enjoyed reading your story. It made me laugh and brightened my day.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Life is good
I walked my child to school in the sunshine this morning. I had this thought pop into my head before we left the house..."take the umbrellas" so we did.

There was sunshine at our backs all the way up to the school. But you should have seen the sky ahead of us. It loomed blacker and blacker as we walked.

We got to the school just as the first couple of raindrops fell. We said goodbye and I turned for home. The raindrops fell a little quicker and the wind stirred in the trees.

I opened my umbrella as the rain began to fall. I had only walked a hundred yards from the school when the hail started.

I passed an elderly gentleman sheltering under a tree with his umbrella. We grinned at each other, chuckled about the hail then I continued toward home.

Hail danced around me, rain splattered the path and puddles grew. With all its might, the wind fought to kill my umbrella.

Wind, hail and rain saw this kiwi get wet. lol

Now the sun is shining again and the sky is blue.

Spring is wonderful; so unpredictable it's almost predictable. I love the spring.

Thank you, oh my Father. I worship at your feet. Blessed by your Holy Name.
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Yesterday’s poem was for fun. It was a poem to express the joy of spring, the power of life.

Spring is gifted with newness. Flowers full of energy burst loose from the soil. Reaching for the sun, they explode with glorious beauty.

The womb gets too crowded and life springs forth. Young lambs frolic and play. New foals wobble on shaky pins.

Warm air mixes with cold and thunderous clouds billow and roll.

I love the spring.

Spring is a joy, The Father’s delight.
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Restless like the weather
Spring is here.
The winds bluster and rain floods down in squalls.
Clouds scurry across the sky.
The beaches and fields call me, yet I have no car.
Like a caged tiger, I have no way to escape.
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