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Friday, February 24, 2006
Hills of iron
If one grain of sand counted for 100 years, then one cupful of sand out numbers our time on this earth.

Imagine all the grains of sand in the world. Their vast number cannot even begin to match the years of eternity. Eternity can't be counted in years, because it will be timeless, but oh, what a thought.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Sound familiar? The stallion
Animals aren’t quite as dumb as we may think them to be. No sir. Take for instance, the fine Arabian stallion that my first boss owned.

Why, that horse thought he was the prettiest darn critter that ever lived. I watched him one day when he thought no one was around.

He was showing off to all the fine “lady” horses in the surrounding paddocks. He was prancing and dancing like some lovesick girl. What a showoff.

He got so enthusiastic, that he started galloping round and round his paddock. What a sight. Rich bay coat glistening in the sunshine. Black mane and tail whipped in the wind created by his speed.

Every so often, he would slide to a stop, spin around and with a squeal, he’d race off in the opposite direction.

On one of those fast laps, he lost his footing and all four legs shot out from under him. With a thump, he landed flat on his side and slid across the grass.

You should have seen the look on that horse’s face. I nearly cracked up with laughter.

What did that horse do?

Well, he sat up and looked around. The mares were watching him and I think he also saw me.

That stallion shook himself, then lay down and rolled around in the dirt. After a few moments, he got up, looked around again then lay down for another few rolls.

When he got to his feet, he shook himself and walked off to the far end of the paddock to eat grass like nothing had happened.

I shook my head. A cover up? Men, they are all alike!

Happy Valentines Day.
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Monday, February 13, 2006
Walk on water

I look at the ocean and think about when Jesus walked upon the water.

The Lord held out His hand and Peter went to Him.

Then Peter took his eyes off the Lord and saw the wind tossed waves. Fear crept in and Peter began to sink.

Peter cried out to the Lord and in an instant, the Lord was there to save him.

Peter is not alone. Fear takes my eyes off Jesus too. At least Peter got to walk on water.

How cool is that?
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Friday, February 03, 2006
Within the stream's flow

One night in church, I had a vision of stones in a stream. At first, I saw small pebbles that lay on the bottom with the water flowing gently over and around them. They looked so beautiful and smooth.

Then I looked upstream where the current was a little faster and I saw other small stones with sharp edges bouncing and tumbling along.

Some distance away, a waterfall tumbled from a high cliff, its turbulent force smashing large rocks against huge boulders until they shattered into smaller rocks.

As the current swept them along, the rocks collided again and again. The more they collided, the smoother they became and the faster they traveled.

Sharp pieces fell away and some broke in half, revealing beautiful glistening gems. Slowly the friction and assaults produced a fine, polished effect.

But, the rocks that sat away from the stream’s main flow, hadn’t yet lost their sharp, jagged edges. They sat in the dirt, unable to move, with their inner beauty still hidden from view.
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